15. April 2021


We keep the World spinning: Even in Prachatice, Czech Republic since 1995

This spring, 25 years after the first assembly activities began at the Prachatice site in the Czech Republic, our colleagues have reached a special milestone.

In 1996, GRW got its first assembly activities underway in Prachatice, Czech Republic. Initially through a service provider who took over the assembly of the high-precision miniature ball bearings. Shortly afterward, GRW established the new company site on its own premises and with specially trained staff. Even at that time, GRW focused on the thorough training of its employees by trained specialists.

With increasing activities, not only did the need for new machines and employees increase, but the space requirements too. To create new space, the company was split over two locations, pre-assembly and final assembly. With the construction of a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Průmyslová, Prachatice and the relocation to the new premises in 2012, pre-assembly and final assembly were centralised in a single facility. The opening of a further assembly hall connected to the site took place in 2018.

To date, GRW precision ball bearings have been assembled in Prachatice on an area of over 2,800 m² with a delicate touch and according to the highest quality standards. Day after day, state-of-the-art technology, know-how and processes optimised over decades enable us to produce high-quality, customised miniature ball bearings to customer specifications.

On March 30, 2021, our specially trained assembly team reached a special milestone - the assembly of over 100 million ball bearings. Congratulations to all Reinfurt-CR employees who played their part in this success story. This milestone is synonymous with our strong global footprint, the reputation of our brand, the expansion of our product range and, above all, the reinforcement of our site in Prachatice.