01. December 2021


Dear valued business partners,

We are deeply grateful for your partnership, cooperation and loyalty during the year 2021. After the challenging experiences we all had during 2020, this year, together, we managed to re-intensify our professional connections, move ahead with our important future projects and, thus, successfully continue forming our business relationships.

Unfortunately, however, the coronavirus pandemic is not over yet. It is challenging us yet again – perhaps more severely than before. So we'll need to stand together, care for our neighbors and be considerate to one another, as we look forward to this year's Christmas and New Year festivities.

In these times, we particularly need to partner with each other and cooperate personally. We feel certain that, together with you, we will rise above the challenges of the coming months, and we look to 2022 with confidence and optimism.

We wish you and your families a restful and contemplative Christmas. Start 2022 with happiness and fresh energy. And above all – stay healthy.

Your GRW Team