14. December 2023

Reorganization of responsibilities for sales, R&D and business development

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

You have been with our company for many years - as our loyal customer, our reliable supplier or as an attentive service partner and service provider. Over the last few years in particular, you will have noticed that our company has grown continuously and successfully. This is despite the fact that local and global market conditions are constantly changing and are sometimes difficult to predict.

As GRW, we therefore want to focus even more strongly on targeted market development, suitable product innovations and leaner, faster processes throughout our global market organization. By bundling the sales, business development, R&D and marketing functions under one roof in the future, we are strengthening our organization for stringent processing of customer requirements by managing technical, customer-oriented and market-side areas at GRW in one organizational unit. In doing so, we are also pursuing the goal of gradually developing our entire global organization in a comparable form, towards a higher degree of regional market responsibility and customer proximity.

We would therefore like to inform you today about this future-oriented organizational change in our company. At the beginning of the new year 2024, Mr. Thomas Kreis, previously Director R&D at GRW, will take over the position of Director Sales, R&D & Business Development. This position was created by combining the responsibilities for Technology & Development, Sales and Business Development and Marketing. As part of this change, Mr. Otwin Sendner will step down as Head of Sales and focus in future on managing the "Industry" segment in order to drive forward the expansion of our market segment, which continues to be the strongest in terms of sales, into new areas of application and partnerships. For personal reasons, Mr Sendner expressed this wish to the management some time ago and intends to take this active step to directly support the reorganization of sales activities.

We are convinced that GRW will lay the foundation for the next decade of successful corporate development with this reorganization and are therefore delighted that Mr Kreis and Mr Sendner are already tackling this exciting new chapter in GRW's success story with great commitment. As part of this change process, both gentlemen will be in contact with you - individually or together - and will be happy to discuss any questions and suggestions you may have.

We look forward to continuing our cooperation and remain with kind regards
Yours, Gebr. Reinfurt GmbH & Co.

Michael Wilhelm
Chairman of the Management Board