GRW Axial Bearings –Your Specialists for special requirements

In contrast to variably applicable radial deep groove ball bearings, axial ball bearings are designed to endure loads working along the axis of a shaft or body. Therefore, they are the perfect helpers in all kinds of applications where high-capacity axial forces exist. In these applications, aligning rectangular axial forces are necessary for the bearings to attain their full effect.

How Are Our Axial Deep Groove Ball Bearings Aligned?

Our high-quality axial bearings by GRW have a preferred orientation and support forces only in this direction. The design consists of:

  • a flat shaft locating washer with raceway
  • a flat housing plate with raceway and the ball set with sheet steel cage.

Both washers have slightly different designs (d+d1). The bearing is not self-retaining due to its structure. This is not a disadvantage, however, but rather the opposite: Axial bearings that are designed in this way make it possible to assemble the retainer with balls, the shaft, and the housing location washer separately.

Robust and Cost-Efficient Helpers

Here at GRW, you can buy two different types of innovative miniature axial ball bearings. Decide on a product made of chrome-steel or martensitic bearing steel. The latter is non-corrosive and can bear higher loads compared to the first one. Additionally, this version can endure temperatures from 14 °F (-10 °C) to 257 °F (+125 °C) degrees easily. Other features of this bearing steel are:

  • thrust-load resistance
  • Magnetic
  • Conductive
  • Cost-efficient