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GRW Ball Bearings

  • Spacer shims and wave spring washers
  • Retaining rings

shims and
wave washers

Fitted Shims and Wave Washers for Ball Bearings

Working with technical and mechanical equipment requires a smooth workflow in assembly. The precise alignment of motors and steering systems, as well as an exact compensation for production-based tolerances is reliant on this basic idea. For our high-quality ball bearings to work flawlessly, high-tech machines as well as innovative and refined supplies are needed. This is where our custom-made shims and wave spring washers come in place. Available in various forms and diameters, GRW has a wide range of spacer and washer products for you!

All Product Details at One Glance

Shims Wave Washers
material: made from non-corrosive
stainless-steel norm 1,4310 (AISI)
material: made from non-corrosive stainless-steel norm 1,4310 (AISI)
high corrosion resistance high corrosion resistance
compensate axial production-based tolerances allow a defined, axial pretention of rolling, miniature and small-ball ball bearings
with cutting and embossing process during production
calibration allows for an additional finishing for special uses,
to gurantee high-precision preload tolerances

Small Multi-Talented Parts With Many Advantages

We offer shims and wave washers for different kinds of ball bearings which are designed with maximum precision and care – these parts offer you the following advantages:

  • optimal installation possibilities
  • reduced noise level in motors
  • extended durability for ball bearings


For the Perfect Fit of All Ball Bearings: Retaining Rings by GRW

A GRW retaining ring helps achieve perfection: Keep all your ball bearings fixed in the proper position easily. Designed to be applied on shafts or in the bores, these rings provide a shoulder that accurately positions, locates, and retains parts of an assembly. No more slipping or sliding between ball bearings and shaft or housing!

Excellent Quality for Highest Demands

Each GRW retaining ring is made of cold drawn spring wire 1,4310 (AISI 301). The material is non-corrosive. Additionally, all wave snap rings or drilling snap rings are free of scale or burrs. Furthermore, we take an extremely constant profile in consideration. This way, we can reach our high-quality goals.

Keep These Aspects During the Assembly in Mind:

During the installation of all ball bearings with a retaining ring, you need to be aware of the following in order to achieve an optimal result:

  • Both ex- and internal axial and radial loads on each component should be minimalized and distributed evenly.
  • Make sure that the flat side of the retaining ring does not coincide with the edge radius of the bearing.

Our advice: Should the latter be the case, then use one of our shims.

Ball Bearing Accessories by GRW

In order to install ball bearings like a pro, we offer matching accessories to all our customized high-quality ball bearings.