Precision Bearing
Ball Bearing Units by GRW


Precise, pre-installed solutions

Want to save time and let experts pre-assemble the ball bearing for your applications? Here at GRW, you have the possibility to buy pre-assembled bearing units in blocks. Our products consist of the following parts:

  • single or a number of ball bearings
  • shafts or housings
  • optional spacer rings
  • shim washers or wave washers

Accuracy and stability is our main focus

As a general rule, we use gluing as our joining technology. Gluing of ball bearings under axial pretention is a cost-efficient way to create zero-play mountings. In order to produce these kinds of bearing units, we at GRW have developed special technologies and equipment to achieve maximum precision and strength – ball bearing solutions that completely meet our costumers’ expectations.

Our Pros

If you decide to buy pre-assembled bearing units, you will profit from the following aspects:

  • Reduction of costs produced by own assembly faults:
    We assemble all parts of your ball bearing for you. With our expertise, you are able to avoid mistakes during installation and keep your costs low.
  • Simple handling:
    The bearing units are pre-assembled; therefore, they are easier to handle during the application than single row ball bearings are.
  • Optimal fitting:
    We assemble all components in our clean room to assure that every bearing you receive is free from contamination.
  • Option to fulfill individual customer requests:
    Would you like to integrate other functional parts like springs, special seals or lubrication into the bearing units? We are happy to assemble all parts for you – to create a bearing unit that perfectly fits your individual needs.