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The Region
of GRW

GRW Partnership with Schools: We Provide Information in Schools

Our apprenticeships and vocational training programs are extremely important to us here at GRW. Each year, we train and support many young professionals. In order to reach young motivated and talented candidates for an apprenticeship in our company, GRW maintains long-term partnerships with secondary schools in Rimpar and in the region of Wuerzburg.

We Show our Company to Students

At GRW we partner with many schools in the region of Wuerzburg and visit the schools regularly on-site. Our trainers present the company and our vocational training programs in senior classes. We provide students and teachers with information about our apprenticeships. Of course, all questions regarding our programs and career opportunities at GRW get answered: Which apprenticeships and vocational training programs does GRW offer? What does training at GRW look like? What knowledge, competencies and aptitudes are needed to start an apprenticeship?
We also offer visits and guided tours at GRW. During these events, the students can learn a lot about each individual training program and get their own impression of the company as a whole directly on-site.

The Region of GRW-Headquarters Offers High Quality of Life

If you choose GRW as an employer, you will find appealing prospects regarding your professional life. And you will also benefit privately: The region around GRW-headquarters offers you a high quality of life, a good infrastructure and a family-friendly environment.

Charming Landscape and Attractive Proximity to Würzburg

Our company headquarters is located in Rimpar, surrounded by an attractive landscape with rural flair and close connection to Wuerzburg - the lively Mainfranken-metropolis. Public transport connections are at a high standard: Due to the proximity to highways, international airports and the connection to the ICE rail network, Wuerzburg can be reached quickly with almost all means of transportation – and is only a few minutes away from Rimpar.

The region of GRW also has a lot to offer culturally: numerous internationally acknowledged events and sights are found here. Rimpar is embedded in the Franconian wine region, where vineyards, wine festivals and rural surroundings ensure a special quality of life - as well as an open-minded, family atmosphere.

University Locations Würzburg and Schweinfurt

The GRW region has two renowned university locations in Würzburg and Schweinfurt, and also the universities in Nuremberg and Erlangen are nearby. Thanks to their high economic strength, the universities are developing dynamically and offer many prospects – including degree programs in English.

GRW Sponsoring of Our Local Handball Team the Wölfe Würzburg

We want to support our local sports club – therefore, we have decided to take on a sponsorship with the “Wölfe Würzburg” (Wolfs Wuerzburg). Since the 2016/2017 season, GRW has been a business partner and proud to be a sponsor of the local handball team. The Wölfe Würzburg are competing in the third national league (“3. Handball Bundesliga”).

Proud Business Partner GRW

With our sponsoring, we support Dominik Schömig, a player for the Wölfe Würzburg – his jersey number is 8, and his position is outside-left. We find this sponsorship especially unique because Dominik is a local from Rimpar, where GRW has its headquarters. Since early on, Dominik has been an active player with the Wölfe Würzburg, and has been true to his team ever since. During the 2017/2018 season, he injured himself – rupturing his cruciate ligament during a game. That didn’t stop him, however, and he used the healing period to optimize his performance with weight training. After this compulsory break, Dominik came back to the “Wolfs” better than ever.

VIP-Tickets for Our Employees

At our headquarters in Rimpar, we give our employees the chance to win tickets to each home match. Within the framework of our sponsorship of the Rimparer Wölfe, we receive two VIP-tickets that we give away randomly in a raffle. This way, our employees get the chance to watch the next home match live and with a companion.


Two Partners, One Mission: GRW and Kaman

GRW has been developing specialized high-precision ball bearings for more than 75 years. Today, the company operates as a fully-owned subsidiary of the Kaman Corporation, a worldwide operating, stock-listed company. The name Kaman stands for:

  • cutting-edge technology
  • innovative solutions
  • high-precision products

How We Benefit from the Kaman & GRW Cooperation

Our affiliation with Kaman goes far beyond business ownership. As long-term partners, we join forces to plan and realize future-oriented projects and our strategy of growth at an international level. This includes:

  • extending our product line
  • expanding our global footprint
  • accessing new, promising market segments

The specialty bearings developed by GRW constitute a valuable addition to the wide range of engineered products provided by Kaman. Using the same distribution channels, both companies work together toward a fast and focused development of their businesses, organizations and customer relationships.

The GRW Mission Leads the Way

Under the global leadership of Kaman, our essential purpose at GRW remains unaltered: Aiming to design and manufacture high-quality ball bearings for customers in various industries and assume technological leadership in the market.
This can only be achieved if everyone involved gives their best on a daily basis – whether it be:

  • customers
  • employees
  • confident investors
  • communities

Only as partners we will be successful in completing our mission to develop our skills as well as our products and processes. Throughout all stages of product realization, we put our clients’ interests first, in order to meet expectations at 100%. On top of this we place great value on a transparent, regular, and in-depth line of communication. This approach in turn forms the basis for the cooperation between GRW and Kaman: As a team, we support each other so that both companies – as well as their customers – can reach new heights in the future.


Working at GRW: Employee Benefits

GRW is embedded into the global working Kaman Group. This partnership between GRW and Kaman provides a worldwide network. We are a globally active cooperation – along with our headquarters in Rimpar, we also operate an assembly line in the Czech Republic, have sales offices in the US and Asia, and a worldwide sales network. These structures provide us with specific advantages that enable us to offer competitive benefits for our employees.

We Offer Space for Personal and Professional Development

Our company is located in the attractive region of Lower Franconia near Wuerzburg, but that’s not the only advantage of working for GRW. Being a worldwide working cooperation, our business offers contact to a large network of colleagues, suppliers, customers and partners across the globe. This interesting working environment offers our employees many opportunities to actively develop their professional skills. Additionally, we host external and internal training programs to further educate and specialize our employees.

GRW Pension”: Our company pension plan

One benefit offered at GRW is our employer pension plan – a company pension. During the last year, we have invested into our employee’s retirement plans. We are convinced, that personal initiatives regarding an employee’s personal pension plan should be rewarded. Financial independence and savings during pension are especially important. Each of our employees are given the opportunity to sign into our pension program and take part in deferred compensation, which is later matched on a percentage basis by GRW. This company policy is also available for our apprentices.