Case Studies:Convince yourself of our Ball Bearings

  • Extreme Temperatures
  • High speed
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Dry Lubrication


Extreme Temperatures the GRW Ball Bearings Resist Easily

Are you searching for ball bearings that resist extreme temperatures? No problem: At GRW, you will find long-lasting solutions that work under extreme conditions – from freezing cold to extreme heat. Some options available include:

  • Ball bearings for furnaces
  • Ball bearings for solder machines
  • Ball bearings for jet engines

Extreme Heat? No Problem for Our Ball Bearing Solutions!

If you are searching for ball bearings that work flawlessly in extreme temperatures, then you’ve come to the right place: At GRW we offer solutions that can withstand extreme environments. Our ball bearings are capable of working at temperatures up to +842°F (+450 °C). Special lubricants, seals and coatings make this possible by protecting the ball bearings from heat damage.

Ball Bearings for Freezing Cold Temperatures

Are you in need of a ball bearing that works precisely even in fluid helium? We at GRW have developed low-temperature ball bearings that can withstand extreme temperatures and harsh environments in temperatures as low as -454°F (-270°C). Special greases, coatings and special cage materials such as stainless steel enable a flawless performance in these extreme environments.

High speed

Our Ball Bearings Work on High-Speed

Are you producing hand pieces for dental applications and in need of ball bearing solutions that can bear high-speeds? We develop ball bearings for the dental industry that fit the highest standards in the field – from material to lubrication. Of course, our high-speed products make an appearance in various other applications where speed knows no limits: From grinding tools to rotating devices, we produce bearings for any application where rolling elements are needed.

Extreme Speeds with GRW Ball Bearings

High-speed requires special equipment: We at GRW use our long-time experience and NVH know-how to develop ball bearings that are designed especially for high-speed applications. During manufacturing, we focus on precision. Only the smallest production tolerances are permitted. With this policy, we can provide you with high-quality products that work perfectly even under extreme speeds. These ball bearings are designed for applications where high-speed is needed – with our help, customers can realize applications with speeds up to 500,000 min-1.


Withstand Any Challenge: Corrosion-Resistant Ball Bearings by GRW

With time, many mechanical products lose their durability and start to corrode. Not with our GRW corrosion-resistant ball bearings! Manufactured of high-quality materials like stainless steel, they can withstand any atmospheric influences and any burden.

Not a Chance for Disruptive Powers

Just as the applications for our bearings vary greatly, so do harmful substances that can have an effect on parts and their coatings. Here are some examples of harsh environments for our products, and what we can offer to combat them:

  • Acids and leaches: Fitted to the environments found in chemical industries, our corrosion-resistant ball bearings are made of exclusive materials that withstand the eroding power of acids and leaches easily.
  • Saltwater, fresh water or hydrogen chloride: In offshore applications as well as in deep-sea vessels, our robust ball bearings are prepared perfectly for humid environments.
  • Blood: From chirurgic instruments to hand pieces in the dental industry – our ball bearings combine resistance to blood with smallest dimensions.
  • Cleaning agents: During sterilization, technical devices need to withstand extreme burdens. For our corrosion-resistant ball bearings that’s not an issue – manufactured from the right material, we offer you customized solutions for your application area.
  • Radiation: Especially in medical fields, but also necessary in aviation and space technology, some applications require ball bearings that can endure damaging levels of radiation. Thanks to specific lubrication and materials, GRW ball bearings resist all different types of radiation.


Ball Bearings with Dry Lubrication:
Cutting-Edge Technology by GRW

Especially in industries with environments where high temperatures prevail, many ball bearings reach their limits. This is often the case in vacuum, aviation and space applications: Seals, cages and other parts of the product can be damaged by these types of environments. We will show you why the intelligent GRW ball bearings with dry lubrication are the perfect replacement and solution for your extreme application!

Dry Lubrication Is Appropriate in these Surroundings:

In extreme conditions such as intense cold or heat, ball bearings have to deliver their highest performance. But not all kinds of lubrications are able to perform under such conditions. Conventional greases or oils cannot reach their full potential in high-temperature surroundings. Consequently, the ball bearings are not properly lubricated and will most likely fail; in any case the damage will soon be noticeable. Our solution: Ball bearings with specific dry lubrication! These ball bearings perform consistently during temperatures between -454°F (-270° C) and +842°F (+450° C) as well as in high vacuum ranges.

The materials that are used to meet these standards include but are not limited to:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • MoS2
  • Hard coatings
  • Teflon

Depending on each individual application and its environmental challenges, the coating of our ball bearings with dry lubrication is applied in different ways:

  • Pounded into the surface
  • Galvanically applied Sprayed onto the surface
  • Coated in vacuum chambers


You are looking for further information all around our products? Simply address our experts for ball bearings. They are happy to help you with questions concerning our ball bearings. Our engineering-team will gladly answer your technical questions regarding our ball bearings and the application of our products as quick as possible.