Resource Management Principles

Customer focus, innovation strength and flexibility.

The personnel and financial resources required to implement and improve our management system are determined and provided annually. By involving our employees in the decision making processes they are aware of the significance and importance of their work and their contribution towards achieving company targets. The company provides the resources necessary to deliver high quality performance. In this context, good internal company communication and the systematic training of staff to develop their skills are important. To improve the systematic training of all employees, we have installed a process which helps to assess employee knowledge and skills at regular intervals and plan suitable training. The implementation and efficiency of this training is monitored and evaluated.

Our infrastructure as well as our demands on employee safety, order, cleanliness and on our work environment comply with our industry’s rules and standards.

Our management system in compliance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008

Our integrated management system’s documentation is divided into four levels
based on DIN EN ISO 9001:2008:

  1. Management handbook (MH)
  2. Key performance indicators (KPI)
  3. Process descriptions with responsibilities
  4. Implementation instructions
    (works and test instructions) and supporting documents (e.g. checklists, forms)


This management handbook for customers, employees and suppliers belongs to the first level of documentation. It contains our company principles and policies. The second to fourth levels of documentation on the one hand contain a process diagram with responsibilities, interfaces and interactions and on the other hand key performance indicators and documents which help control the quality of products and processes as well as continuous improvement.