Resource Management Principles

Customer focus, innovation strength and flexibility.

The management and employees want to render services with the highest possible quality and comply with the confirmed deadlines at defined costs. Our principles are specified by the management in the corporate policy. Long-term goals are derived from them. Based on the entirety of all goals, the management formulates measurable area targets in cooperation with the individual corporate areas, creating the prerequisites for reaching these goals by providing resources.

The management sets an example of customer alignment and quality awareness to ensure that all employees are aware of their personal responsibility regarding the quality of our products and services, and will act accordingly.

Determination of the customer requirements and meeting environmental, authority and statutory restrictions is ensured by it as well.

Quality targets are specified and measured for all processes and levels of the company.

A management review is performed once every year to evaluate target achievement and suitability as well as appropriateness of the management system.

A quality manager responsible for all corporate areas has been charged by the management to monitor and further develop the management system. The quality manager reports to the management on the results achieved at regular intervals and uses the communication processes established in the company for this.


Our management system according to EN 9100

The documentation of the management system based on EN 9100 is structured in four levels:

  1. Organisation manual
  2. Key performance indicators (KPI)
  3. Process descriptions with responsibilities
  4. Work instructions and supporting documents (e.g. checklists, forms)