Our Mission

GRW is the premier provider of customized, high-precision bearing solutions.

Our goal is to provide our customers with high quality products and services, ultimately leading to long term, successful partnerships. All corporate processes start or end with our customers. Every single employee has the task of knowing the customer requirements relevant for his work area and to meet the expectations of these customers. Only this way can excellent customer satisfaction be achieved permanently in quality, deadlines and pricing.

In order to meet our goal anew every single day, we engage in constant dialogue with our customers in order to get to know their individual wishes even better and to align our actions with them.

We operate a system of continuous process improvement; we review our processes based on an integrated indicator system that enables us to recognise and use potentials for improvement.

All our actions are focused on a mission:

We want to be recognized as the premium provider of customized, high-precision ball bearing solutions!


We define the following guiding principles as part of our corporate diligence:

1. We want motivated employees
Motivated employees ensure our success. In a future-oriented and responsible environment, we offer team-oriented work as well as systematic further training, thereby promoting the personal development of our employees.

2. We want satisfied customers
The customer is at the center of our daily activities. The needs of our customers are the benchmark for the quality of our products and our services.

3. Our goal is „zero errors“
Error prevention takes precedence over error correction. Each employee contributes to the achievement of our quality goals at their respective workplace. Every action is taken with the achievement of maximum quality in mind.

4. Our processes are planned in a systematic and goal-oriented manner
By applying lean management principles, we achieve streamlined production. Stable and standardized processes, reduced set-up times as well as needs-based sourcing and manufacturing ensure a high level of customer orientation while retaining optimized flexibility and efficiency.

5. Competitiveness secures our jobs
A constant increase in competitiveness and profitability is an indispensable prerequisite for securing long-term growth.

6. We comply with guidelines and legal requirements
Compliance with applicable legal requirements, guidelines and customer specifications is our constant duty.

7. We deal with partners openly and fairly
Open, active, transparent and fair communication with customers, suppliers, employees, authorities and other interested parties forms the basis of our business understanding.

8. We maintain environmentally and resourcefriendly operations
We reduce waste whenever possible, act with foresight and utilize energy and raw materials sparingly – from the procurement of production factors, to planning and production, and finally to customer delivery.