Product Development

Performance with Superior Quality.

Customer requirements are determined, checked, and documentated by our sales and technical staff. These requirements also include expectations not specified by the customer.
When the product requirements are amended, the relevant documents are adapted and the necessary staff are notified. The arrangements for communication are coordinated with each individual customer.
Our externally sourced components and services are obtained from suppliers who are systematically selected, regularly assessed and authorized by our strategic purchasing.

The services of our suppliers have a major impact on our performance. This is why we measure, assess and support the services of our suppliers according to our own quality benchmarks and the demands of our customers.

All products and services procured externally are checked to a great extent in order to ensure that the quality supplied meets our requirements.

Systematic monitoring of our testing and measuring equipment allows us to ensure that all quality controls and production facilities meet the customers' requirements and the demands of the applicable technical guidelines.
The capability and efficiency of our processes and the uptime of our machines and systems are guaranteed by means of preventative process regulation methods.