Product Development

We design, develop, manufacture, test and deliver high precision ball bearings in strict accordance to customer specifications

The sales and technical employees determine customer requirements, review them for completeness and document them. This also includes expectations not expressly formulated by the customer. If there are any changes to the product requirements, the relevant documents are adjusted and the necessary staff are informed. The provisions for communication with the customers are coordinated individually with each customer.
We purchase our externally procured parts and services from systemically selected continually evaluated suppliers released by our strategic purchasing department.

The services of our suppliers strongly influence our own perfomance. Therefore, we measure, evaluate and promote the service of our suppliers according to our own quality standards and our customers requirements.

All externally procured products and services are inspected to a high degree in order to ensure that the delivered quality meets our requirements.

Systematic monitoring of our test and measuring equipment ensures that all quality inspections and production facilities meet the customer requirements and the demands of the applicable technical directives.
The capacity and economic efficency of our processes, as well as the availability of our machines and systems, will be ensured by suitable methods of process control and preventive maintenance.