Competences and References
of Our Developer Team

Based on the collaboration of product design, product development, laboratory, and manufacturing, we can offer highly precise, customized ball bearing solutions.

  • Modern tools
  • Newest testing technology
  • Small and flexible teams
  • Interaction with professional experts


GRW Strengths: Competences and References of Our Developer Team

New solutions for extreme applications and matching our products to your individual ball bearing needs – that is the main focus of our GRW developer team. With a solid foundation of long-term experience and GRW ball bearing competences, we develop innovative solutions such as:

  • Ball bearing solutions for extreme temperatures: From freezing cold down to sweltering heat
  • Maximum speeds from 500,000 to 600,000 min-1 for dental devices
  • Speeds of 155,000 min-1 for model jet engines
  • Vacuum Applications
  • Ball bearings with lowest tourque in µNmm areas
  • Bearings applicable for sea-water surroundings, in pools, chemical pumps or in the food industry thanks to corrosion resistances
  • Ball bearings that save lives and are bio-compatible
  • Vibration proof solutions – ideal for satellites or jets

Team-Work Is Our Key to Success

In order to develop our high-end solutions, we at GRW focus on our core competences and maintaining a close interconnection. We keep our product design, product development as well as testing and production closely connected - therefore we are able to offer our customers individual high-precision ball bearing solutions. We fit the design, the materials and the lubrication to each application. From mere design adaptions to holistic new inner and outer ring designs – we can fulfill all your wishes! Additionally, we use completely new approaches to optimize our ball bearings significantly. This philosophy is incorporated in our patented design solutions Q21SPEED®, Q21IRAC® and Q21TWIN®. We continually work on new manufacturing technologies and observe the market carefully. This way, we can provide you with an accessible, broad technology-portfolio.

Modern Tools to Optimize
Our Ball Bearings

Additional to our competences, we at GRW use modern CAE-/CAD-tools to calculate bearing core data and life spans of our shaft systems. This way, we can make our bearings even better. Finite-element-software assists us in collecting extended analysis data regarding stiffness, deformation and stability. For particularly demanding questions in the area of calculation, we rely on our external partners – this helps us to perform dynamic multi-body simulations and gain further insight on the working flow of our ball bearings during individual applications.

Customized Ball Bearing Solutions with GRW Competences

We compile individual ball bearing solutions made of different components for each customer. In order to finalize each customization of our products, we take into account these GRW competences:

  • Our design system
  • 5 basic bearing ring materials
  • 19 different coatings
  • 30 retainer materials
  • More than 180 different types of lubrication

Our experts will consult you individually with regards to coatings, lubrications, synthetic materials and rolling bearing steel. These colleagues are the connection to our broad basis of qualified suppliers. Together with our partners, we are able to provide you with the newest products, coatings, lubrications and materials.


Newest Testing Technology for High-Quality Ball Bearing Solutions

To guarantee our product quality, we at GRW put trust in our own testing technologies, which are developed partly based on our own long-term competences. We combine basic testing with release versions for the final applications of our customers. In the tests, we take into account the following areas:

  • Lifetime testing for dental ball bearings
  • Torque measurement
  • Stiffness tests
  • Environment simulations
  • Complex noise measurements
  • Vibration analysis

Small GRW Teams for Precise Solutions

Small teams guarantee high flexibility for our customers. These groups of experts react to alterations within the development process quickly. Our teams are competent in the following areas:

  • Customized solutions for your individual application
  • Ball bearings for extreme working conditions
  • GRW expertise during the manufacturing of single ball bearing components
  • Professional service and logistics for important input data
  • Help during testing and approval of your products
  • Assistance during your project
  • Access to relevant manufacturing processes

Our Research and Development Team

Our passion for innovation in precision engineering is not only a company goal - it is deeply rooted in the DNA of our GRW team. This is how GRW has managed to become one of two world market leaders in the area of dental ball bearings. For more than 75 years, our technicians and engineers at GRW have been working to revolutionize the small world of ball bearings. GRW combines the strength and competence in development with the experience of our long-term employees along with fresh ideas from our young professionals.

Research and development at GRW is divided into three areas:

  • Product design and Master-Data
  • Product Development
  • Laboratory

Our team looks forward to collaborating with you to master all challenges that may arise during pre-development, development, and design.

Regular Exchange with Experts in the Field

We take advantage of any chance to connect to leading experts in Germany and abroad and present our newest high-quality innovations. Additionally, we have established the GRW Academy. In 2019, the first module of this technologically intensive training for our employees took place. Through the GRW Academy, our team is further educated in technical sales and in research and development.

GRW: Our References

The constant optimization of our ball bearings requires innovative ideas in addition to persistent development efforts. References to our talks during national and international conferences can be found in:


You are looking for further information? Simply address our experts. They are happy to help you with questions concerning our ball bearings. Our engineering-team will gladly answer your technical questions regarding our ball bearings and the application of our products as quick as possible.