Innovative and resilient ball bearings

Are you looking for a bearing solution that can carry large loads and allows for precise orientation? GRW can provide you with just the right product. We develop and manufacture duplex ball bearings for a variety of industries. Pairs of matched bearings come with several advantages:

  • extremely accurate positioning both in radial and axial directions, ranging from pre-defined play to rigid guidance
  • consistent limitation of a system’s deflection
  • higher load capacity in comparison to single ball bearings

Special Bearings for Special Purposes

Usually, our radial deep-groove ball bearings are paired with a preload of 5 Newtons and a nominal contact angle of 15° (E). Upon your request, we can alter the preload as well as the angular contact accordingly. As a general rule, we recommend higher radial clearance for duplex ball bearings. This helps to increase the axial load capacity, rigidity, and contact angle.

If you opt for spindle ball bearings, there are several variants available. The contact angle amounts to either 15° (C) or 25° (E). In terms of preload, our duplex bearings vary between three stages:

  • light (L)
  • medium (M)
  • strong (S)

Again, we will readily make individual adjustments if your field of expertise requires a specialized solution.

What You Should Keep in Mind When Handling Duplex Bearings:

Generally speaking, we advise our customers to not raise the preload beyond the necessary level. Otherwise, you will reinforce the frictional torque, which in turn shortens the bearing’s lifespan. We commonly divide duplex bearings into two groups, based on their bore type and outer diameter. The assorted pairs are then packaged and marked by the same code. This way, you can be sure that both of the matched bearings fit equally well. When completing the installation, you should carefully choose your shafts and housings. If you exceed the maximum fit interference on the inner or outer ring, the preload will change. Specific instructions can be found on the packaging stickers as well as the labels on the duplex bearings themselves.

Different Kinds of Duplex-Bearing Installations

  • “O“ arrangement
    back-to-back; pairing type –1 or DB (when using spindle bearings)
  • “X“ arrangement
    face-end-to-face-end; pairing type –2 or DF (when using spindle bearings)
  • tandem arrangement
    pairing type –3 or DT (when using spindle bearings)
  • universal arrangement
    pairing type –4 or U (when using spindle bearings)

Are you in need of duplex ball bearings with exceptionally high rigidity? In that case, GRW also offers to assemble customized bearing sets. Depending on the intended use, we combine universally paired bearings in X, O, or tandem arrangements.