• Mikro-blood pumps
  • Surgical power tools
  • Robot-assisted surgery
  • Prosthesis and exoskeleton
  • Respirators
  • Analysis equipment
  • Turbine- and contra-angle handpieces
  • Handpieces for implantology and facial surgery


Ball Bearings for Medical
: Modern
High-Quality Products
for the Healthcare Industry

Although they are very small, ball bearings for medical technology made by
GRW contribute massively to the treatment and maintenance of patients:

Micro-blood pumps

During heart surgeries, ball bearings for the medical technology are tiny lifesavers. They serve as important components in micro-blood pumps, which are, compared to heart-lung machines, less burdensome for the patient. Lowering stress on the body during medical procedures is incredibly important in the improvement of surgical technology: This application is just one way our ball bearings are able to help with that.


In meticulous brain and eye surgeries, patience and precision are two key elements. GRW ball bearings are designed to hold a patient’s head in fixing devices perfectly still and in position.

Prostheses and exoskeletons

After severe surgeries, it is not always easy for patients to return to their normal day-to-day life. To keep them as comfortable as possible, high-quality medical products are integral to recovery. GRW ball bearings for medical technology are used in prostheses and exoskeletons to help patients move comfortably again.


Respirators keep patients alive whenever the endogenous lung-function is reduced. As to that, our ball bearings make an enormous contribution. Our small lifesavers are not only convincing because they run so quietly, but also because they are especially long-lasting and reliable and fulfill the specific expectations, such as a low emission of the used materials.


The GRW ball bearings also assist experts in medical laboratories, as well in the analysis itself as in the laboratory automation, such as the preparation or handling of the samples.

Precision, Durability and Quality in Focus

We have designed our ball bearings especially for the high standards in medicine. When there is a need for precision, durability and corrosive resistance; our bearings stand in the front row. The extreme conditions that all medical technology needs to withstand, such as direct contact with blood, aggressive cleaning agents or high-pressure steam sterilization set high challenges . The ball bearing solutions by GRW are designed to endure these conditions and stand out with exemplary innovation, quality and reliability. All parts of our bearings can be ideally matched for different applications in medicine:

  • NSF-certified cage materials and lubricants (e.g. H1/H2)
  • Corrosion resistant ring- and ball steels
  • Ceramics ideally suited for healthcare applications
  • Media resistant shields and seals
  • Biocompatible lubricants according to DIN EN ISO 10993

At GRW, we don’t just offer standardized solutions for medical devices. We also develop customized ball bearings for your individual medical technology-problem. These singular ball bearing system solutions are fitted perfectly to your application. Contact our team of experts and take your first step into the world of specialized ball bearings!


Modern Solutions for the Dental Sector: Ball Bearings for Dental Technology

Who doesn’t associate the whine of a dentist’s drill to piercing pain and general discomfort? GRW’s ball bearings assist to make life easier for patients. With noise-reduction built into their design, our bearings help to reduce drill noise and the stress associated with it. The typical hum of a dentist’s drill and other instruments are radically muted thanks to our high-quality ball bearings. In addition to providing a calm environment, our ball bearings for dental technology are defined by quality, precision and high durability. The patients’ wellbeing is our upmost priority!

Our precision ball bearings make an appearance in various dental technologies and devices such as:

  • Turbine handpieces (speeds up to 500,000rpm)
  • Contra-angle handpieces (speeds up to 200,000rpm)
  • Electric and pneumatical motors
  • Hand pieces for implantology & facial surgery

We Rely on High Quality

In order for our ball bearings to meet the high standards of the medical field, we are constantly refining our technology. In our test rigs, we examine our dental handpieces thoroughly to ensure that they are durable, non-corrosive and precise. This way, we ensure that our customers get only the best quality products for their application. Additionally, we cooperate with partners within the industry as well as in research, to optimize our ball bearings for the dental industry constantly. Our goal is to provide you with the best-possible products for the dental sector!


Especially for the turbine- and contra-angle handpieces we have developed ball bearings, which are extremely quiet and long-lasting, regardless of the high rotational speed and therefore enable an enjoyable treatment for the patient and the doctor.

Therefore, we are working on the wear reduction of our ball bearings in our GRW dental laboratory and we are also considering the increasing requirements concerning the hygienic preparation of the instruments through autoclaving and thermal disinfection. The result: GRW XTRA!


Within the field of implantology and facial surgery it is not about speed, it is rather about operating reliably and with highest precision under toughest circumstances. Especially the contact with blood and aggressive cleaning agents can affect the dental ball bearings heavily and can lead to an early failure of the handpiece through corrosion. Therefore, special materials come into use, developed by GRW and tested in the GRW dental laboratory, such as our ball bearing steel SV30. For longest durability and highest reliability.


You are looking for further information all around our products? Simply address our experts for ball bearings. They are happy to help you with questions concerning our ball bearings. Our engineering-team will gladly answer your technical questions regarding our ball bearings and the application of our products as quick as possible.