• Location Rimpar
  • Location Prachatice

Location Rimpar

GRW – Global Player
Based in Rimpar, Germany

The headquarters of GRW is located in Rimpar, near Wuerzburg, Bavaria/Germany. It is from here, where our executive team manages our global business and implements future strategies. At the same site, our special engineers in sales and R&D together with our highly skilled workforce develop and manufacture our specialized, high-precision bearings.

From the first draft to the last finish, we never lose sight of the GRW mission: Be the world’s leading manufacturer of customized, high-precision ball bearing solutions.

With this objective in mind, we have set up additional centers around the globe:

  • Center of assembly in our facility in Prachatice, Czech Republic
  • GRW USA with sales, engineering and distribution facilities in Bloomfield, Connecticut
  • Sales office in Singapore for the APAC region
  • Sales office in Devon for UK and Ireland

Today, our company employs about 600 people as a proud member of the US-American Kaman Corporation.


From Rimpar to Prachatice: GRW Across Countries

The success of GRW originally started in Rimpar, Germany. Beyond its headquarters, Gebrüder Reinfurt also set up an assembly shop in the Czech Republic in 1996. The town of Prachatice has since hosted an additional GRW assembly site. In the year of 2012, we used this location to completely renovate and build a state-of-the-art assembly factory. Our extensive investment in modern technology pays off: As custom-made ball bearings are manufactured by GRW in Rimpar and Prachatice, we can adhere to highest quality standards anywhere and anytime.


Special Products Require Special Effort

In our Czech facilities, about 200 employees (skilled workers, project managers and engineers) strive for one primary goal: Assemble specialized, high precision ball-bearing solutions for an international client base. In order to create an ideal working environment, we have set up the GRW factory in Prachatice as follows:

  • All assembly procedures take place within a clean room (class ISO-7) that spans approximately 15,000 square feet.
  • In 2018, we added another 15,000 square feet of assembly space. This includes an ISO-8 clean room which comprises more than 4,800 square feet.
  • Pre-assembly and final-assembly steps are conducted in separated areas.

Clear spatial structures combined with meticulous safety control enable us to fabricate high-precision bearings for all sorts of applications. Whether in Rimpar or Prachatice – GRW will meet the request of any customer across the globe. Would you like to benefit from these services as well? Then go ahead and contact GRW via phone or e-mail. We are happy to provide further information about our company with respect to your specific interest.