Team Leaders at GRW:
Get to Know Our Team


Otwin Sendner
Sales Director at GRW

Otwin Sendner is the general Director of Sales at GRW. He is responsible for all sales departments located worldwide. His tasks include, but are not limited to budgeting of revenue and incoming orders as well as managing with our global sales departments – branching from our headquarters in Rimpar and in our locations in Asia, USA and UK.

Marcel von der Gönna
Manager Healthcare at GRW

Marcel von der Gönna is the team leader for our Healthcare sector here at GRW. Ball bearing solutions for medical technology as well as our dental applications are his main areas of work.

Klaus Adam
Manager Distribution at GRW

Specializing in retailer business as well as the sector industrial applications is Klaus Adam, our distribution Manager at GRW. Belonging to this department are ball bearings for robotics, the food industry, and packaging industry applications – amongst others.

David Nufer
Head of Sales USA at GRW

David Nufer is the head of our sales team in our Bloomfield location, where he represents GRW in the US. His team operates from various regions on the continent and works closely with colleagues from R&D and the administration of GRW USA in Bloomfield, CT.

Nick Dowding
Global Director Special Applications at GRW

As a specialist in the fields of turbomolecular pumps and aviation, Nick Dowding heads GRW's sales office in the UK. He is also responsible for the support of our worldwide customers and partners.

Nick Wheeler
Sales Manager Asia Pacific at GRW

Nick Wheeler is the Sales Manager responsible for the area of APAC. With his sales office in Singapore, we obtain a closer connection with the region and our customers in Asia.