Ball Bearing Units

GRW: Long-term experience in assembly and adhesive technology.

Bearing units are pre-assembled units that are available off-the-shelf. As a result they can be mounted quickly, accurately and cost effectively. Bearing units are mounted assemblies. They consist of one or more ball bearings, a shaft or housing and optional spacer rings, equalizing washers, or wave spring washers.

At GRW, we primarily use bonding as the joining technology. Backlash free bearings are produced cost effectively by bonding the bearings under an axial pre-tension. We have developed special equipment and techniques at GRW to achieve high bonding accuracy and strength.

Using GRW bearing units offer the following advantages:

  1. Fewer component suppliers are required, thus improving manufacturing efficiency.
  2. Our extensive history and expertise in assembly saves time and labor, particularly in downtime costs should manufacturing problems arise.
  3. Pre-assembled units are simpler to use than individual bearings.
  4. The bearings are assembled under optimal conditions by ball bearing specialists in an ISO certified cleanroom.
  5. Depending on the customer's requirements, other functional components, such as springs and gaskets, can be integrated into the units.