Special Ball Bearings

GRW: customized solutions.

The world is a diverse place – and that applies for the world of ball bearings, too.
GRW makes special bearings for special requirements.

Superduplex bearings

Superduplex bearings are also known as double row deep-groove ball bearings or angular contact ball bearings featuring split inner or outer rings. The raceways are located on the one-piece ring. This insures the ideal running properties with the radial offset during assembly. Because the split rings (inner or outer rings) can be combined according to your specifications GRW bearings can meet any desired axial pre-tension.

Extraduplex bearings

Extraduplex bearings are double-row deep groove ball bearings or angular contact ball bearings with a split inner or outer ring. They are laser-welded while subjected to a defined pre-tension. The advantage of this type of bearing is that during assembly radial offset or variations in axial pre-tension can be prevented.

Tandem-duplex bearings

With tandem-duplex bearings - a double-row of deep-groove ball bearings - the raceways are extremely close to each other (in the micron range). These bearings are suitable for taking up radial loads, as well as single-sided axial loads.

Bearings with modified external geometry

GRW can customize bearings according to customer specifications by producing a single or double-row bearings with a crown-faced outer ring or with a groove in the outer ring. We can also produce bearings with molded plastics or rubber, or those with an offset pitch circle diameter, thus optimizing the stiffness of fit of the bearing rings on the shaft or in the housing.

Integrated shaft bearings

Bearings and shafts are considered all inclusive. GRW’s bearings offer integrated shafts. The raceway is ground on the shaft. The shaft is supplied already fitted with a ball set, cage and outer ring.

Bearings with housing

With these bearing types, the raceway of the outer ring is ground within the housing. Complex housings with flange and thread keep the tolerances to a minimum during installation.

Rotationally symmetrical high-precision turning and grinding components

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your most difficult specifications. Please contact our technological consultancy service to determine how we can best serve your requirements.