The PAI based patented cage material!

Our premium material is designed for the most demanding requirements in terms of friction, thermal stability and wear. The unique production method involving the chemical binding of solid lubricant to the base polymer polyamidimide (PAI) creates a homogeneous, dense fabric, which offers little opportunity for attack by the superheated steam during autoclaving.

The fine distribution of solid lubricant and the chemical bond to the base material means that the exceptional property of dry-running suitability is obtained, even in extreme applications where idle speeds of n x dm > 1.000.000 mm/min are the norm. In internal tests on GRW's own test rigs, service lifetimes of up to 15 hours were attained with completely dry ball bearings. All conventional retainer materials fail after only a few minutes in the same test.

The SEM images show the surfaces of XTRAlon and PAI mod. after 1.000 cycles of sterilisation by steam under pressure. It can be clearly seen that the surface structure of XTRAlon is preserved, while the PAI mod. has a very jagged surface.


Performance overview of standard dental retainer materials compared to GRW XTRAlon used in high-speed dental handpieces.

Effect of retainer material to the life time of dental turbines without any initial lubrication tested on Oracel III test bench (n=350.000 min-1).