Optimised lubrication conditions for high-speed applications.

For the toughest operating conditions in special applications, GRW relies on developing its own lubricants, which have the potential for significantly longer life: XTRAlube.

The new XTRAlube developed in the GRW laboratory delivers outstanding results both in the test criteria which GRW considers crucial and in the various functional tests. It also has the special ability to adhere to the contact surfaces of the inner ring and outer ring much better than standard greases.

In the specific case of ball bearings for dental turbines this property is particularly sought after, because the air extracted from the turbine flows partly through the ball bearings and transports the grease reservoir to the outside very rapidly. This leads to a situation of inadequate lubrication, which is responsible for the failure of the ball.

Average value at life test on the GRW test bench Orakel III. Initially lubricated and no relube during test.