Drone and model aircraft

GRW: special ball bearings for speeds up to 180 mph.

Not all life is work, and GRW bearings can even be found where play becomes a passion—such as in the hobby of Flying Model Aircraft. Model aircraft pilots, too, demand high precision, reliability and technology that can fit nicely into the most compact, confined of spaces - an ideal playground for our ball bearings.

These miniature versions often replicate larger, aircraft, yet as they shrink in size they may not necessarily shrink in function. Like all technology, miniaturized versions always pose challenges to meeting fully functional capability of larger versions. For example, in the mid-1990s, the pilots’ challenge was to reach speeds of over 100,000 rpm at temperatures above 300°C. GRW met that challenge by providing ball bearings that had dimensions of 8 x 22 x 7 mm. Miniaturization is our specialty.

Even in this industry application, our product range is steadily expanding. We produce bearings with special cages as well as full ball versions, and currently GRW is providing ten different bearing sizes in special versions for model jet turbines. With these, model aircraft are today reaching speeds of up to 390 km/h (180 mph) creating even more demand on the service life of the ball bearings. GRW is now optimizing osculation (contact) and surface structure to increase service life and higher performance.