Food & Beverage

GRW: precision bearings for use in food & beverage industrie.

GRW ball bearings for the food and beverage industry are subject to special quality requirements. Often special materials and lubricants as well as highly developed sealing solutions are applied for the used ball bearings.


Frequent cleaning processes with superheated steam, steam jet or aggressive bases and direct contact with most various media during food processing or packing extremely draw upon the used steel, retainer materials, shields and sealing discs as well as lubricants. These factors may have negative effects on the operating properties of the ball bearings.


Special shielding/sealing elements
The use of specially developed shields in connection with life lubrication guarantees that no humidity can enter into the bearing on the one side and that no lubricant can escape the bearing on the other side.

Handpicked lubricants
GRW FOOD & BEVERAGE bearings can manage without relubrication if neccessary. The chosen composition and viscosity of the lubricant serve as grease barrier and effectively prevent penetration of aggressive cleaning media and foreign particles into the bearing. Simultaneously the used lubricants guarantee that the bearings will provide their function over the whole life cycle and beyond.

High quality bearing materials
Selection and special quality of the bearing material - an extremely corrosion resistant and high tensile steel - provide long life periods, even under high loads and the material does not show any signs of corrosion even with aggressive cleaning and environmental media.


Prolongation of service lifes
Our customers benefit from using GRW ball bearings in the fields of FOOD & BEVERAGE by significant prolongation of service lifes. The probability of failures and frequent maintenance operations and connected non-operation periods and repair costs is minimized. This results in an increased efficiency at simultaneous cost minimization.

Best Practice

A leading manufacturer in the field of filling beverage cans had process problems with closing the cans. Already after a period of 6 months the component in question showed signs of fatigue. By frequent cleaning processes the seals were damaged and the lubricant was washed out. The analysis of the used bearings showed that humidity and foreign particles were able to penetrate the bearing without hindrance which resulted in premature wear.

Together with the customer GRW developed a special ball bearing which was able to extend the service life by factor 2.5 by special optimization measures.

Now, high repair and assembly costs are avoided, the frequency of replacing the elaborately mounted bearing was drastically reduced and costs for non-operating periods are saved.

Performance features of GRW FOOD & BEVERAGE ball bearings:

  • corrosion resistant materials
  • life period extending bearing solutions
  • food grade lubricants
  • customized shielding and sealing solutions