Measurement, Analysis and Flow Control Technology

GRW: high precision standards

Whether operating offshore in frigid Scandinavian waters or in Earth’s hottest and driest deserts, measuring instruments that record and process a continuous flow of data flawlessly is critical.

Instruments such as encoders, linear measuring devices, gas meters, flow meters, wind speed and directional devices, lasers, scale bearings, mass spectrometers and devices for measuring surface roughness all depend upon a flawless flow of measurements regardless of the environment it operates within. This is why GRW miniature ball bearings can be found in all these instruments.

Even within these applications, unique specifications may be required to meet unique demands. GRW miniature ball bearings can meet all of these as we can meet any specification such as:

  • Extremely low friction
  • Constant friction values
  • Minimal radial strokes and tilting
  • Stick-slip freedom
  • Decades of use without maintenance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • And other customer-specific details

Besides supplying deep groove ball bearings, GRW also offers complete bearing units. As bearing specialists, we supply these according to specifications defined by the customer: with a defined pre-tension, with minimal impacts and as a complete unit. The benefits for our customers: ideal quality with reduced depth of production.