Medical technology

GRW: high speed bearings for medical technology, medical
instruments, pharmaceutical, surgical and dental instruments.

Medical technology

GRW Bearings with their superior quality, sterility and flawless performance repeatedly find their way into medical products. Over one-third of our output and our bearing technology are utilized by the medical device industry. GRW is setting the standard for more innovations within medical technology.

The demands on medical technology are unique due to the required miniaturization and extreme environments the technology may be exposed. Whether the product is used in general medical technology, pharmaceutical, surgical or for dental applications, medical procedures often present extreme environments; a perfect environment for GRW ball bearings.

For medical technology, GRW provides highly resistant stainless steel, ceramic materials and high-performance plastics to cope with highly corrosive environments or applications demanding extreme resistance to chemicals, temperature and wear.

More than ever, GRW bearing technology is consistently used in medical technology Our continuously research and development in effective cage materials, lubricants and alternative applications make us your best partner for medical devices and instruments. GRW is capable of meeting even the most demanding specifications especially those that arise out of the need for highly confined working space, speed capability and sound and heat reduction.

Dentistry and dental technology

Maximizing rotation speed while minimizing sound of drill or rotation speed along with a longer service life are vital in dental applications. GRW high-speed bearings are the solutions. Yet, we continue to further research and develop new innovations as revealed in our test stations.

In fact, GRW high-speed bearings have been put to the test in several sampling inspections and series releases by some of Europe’s most renown dental manufacturers. Our bearings performed outstandingly in turbine, angular and straight hand-held tools used in dental and minor surgery applications, as well as in the electric or pneumatic drive motors of those tools.

Thanks to intelligent sealing systems that generate less heat, dental technicians are delighted with the extended life of our GRW products. Our bearing technology allows not only a longer service life of their instruments, but also for longer periods of operation while minimizing the build-up of friction heat.


Surgeons require precision. This applies to the hand-held instruments used during eye or brain operations, and depend upon auxiliary attachments and connecting devices (tripods or hexapods) for surgery on the patient's head, such as during eye or brain operations.

GRW products ensure highly reliable and accurate bearings. They allow for thermal disinfection without the need for re-lubrication while reducing friction and subsequent warming in the most confined working space. GRW supplies high-precision ball bearings and corresponding needle rollers made of special materials and cage assemblies, as well as high-precision spring washers. If necessary, we revise the fundamental bearing concepts from scratch and use the latest production technologies.

Micro blood pumps ensure stabilization of the patient’s vitals signs during heart surgery. Micro blood pumps using GRW bearings technology are much less demanding on the patient than are conventional heart-lung machines. Where surgery patients and accident victims are ventilated on stationary and mobile respirators, which subject them to oxidation, the highly resistance to corrosion of GRW products provide the perfect solution.