Vacuum technology

GRW: bearings with highest standard of sterility and purity.

In miniaturization technology, the smaller micro systems shrinks, the greater is the importance of sterility. Industrial technologies, such as medical applications, require the sterility of GRW miniature ball bearings to be as pure as is the precision bearings performance.

To insure this standard of sterility and purity in performance, we use a vacuum technology. The work space, parts and production units are thoroughly cleansed and then sterilized of even microscopic debris using turbo molecular pumps, working at flow rates as high as 60,000 rpm.

Special geometries
Bearings made according to customer specifications and with special geometries are used in the areas such as the following:

  • As magnetic bearings to support so-called "safety bearings",
  • For pumps in the fore-vacuum ranges of approximately 10-4 mbar.
  • For high vacuum applications.

Special lubrication
Lubricants begin to break down as they are subjected to extreme environments such as very hot or cold temperatures as well high vacuum. GRW uses special lubricants selected for just these types of extreme environments. We use coatings of gold, silver, MoS2, Teflon (PTFE) or hard material coatings. These layers work as a dry lubricant or as a separating layer. Depending on the material and application, the coatings are applied by electroplating, hammered into the surface, sprayed on, or applied to the surface in vacuum chambers. This is why GRW bearings operate successfully at temperatures from -270°C to +450°C and in high vacuum ranges.