Ball Bearing Units

GRW: Long-term experience in assembly and adhesive technology.

Bearing units are mounted assemblies. They comprise one or more ball bearings, shaft or housing, and optionally spacer rings, shims or spring washers.

GRW joins the components in bearing units primarily by gluing. Gluing of bearings under axial preload is a cost-effective way of providing for reduction of play. GRW has developed special gluing equipment and technologies to ensure high accuracy and stiffness.

When using GRW bearing units, the customer enjoys the following benefits:

  • There is no risk of breakdown costs which otherwise cannot be excluded with installation by the customer.
  • Pre-mounted units are easier to handle than single bearings.
  • At GRW's, the bearings are mounted in a cleanroom under optimum conditions.
  • Depending on the customer's requirements, other functional elements may be integrated in the bearing units, for example springs and seals.