Special Ball Bearings

GRW: customized solutions.

GRW not only develops and produces standard and high-precision ball bearings but also all required variants of miniature ball bearings.

Superduplex bearings

Double-row deep groove radial bearing or angular contact ball bearing with divided inner or outer ring are called Superduplex bearings.
The raceways are on the one-piece ring. This reliably prevents any radial displacement during installation and ensures optimum running characteristics.
The divided rings (inner or outer rings) are paired in accordance with customer's wishes. This ensures that GRW bearings have the desired axial preload.

Extraduplex bearings

Extraduplex bearings are double-row deep groove radial bearings or angular contact ball bearings with divided inner or outer ring. The ring is laser-welded under a defined preload. The advantages of this bearing variant are also evident during installation: any radial displacement or variation of the axial preload is reliably excluded.

Tandem duplex bearings

In a Tandem Duplex bearing, which is a double-row deep groove radial bearing, the raceways are accurately aligned to each other. These bearings are suitable for taking radial loads and axial loads on one side only.

Bearings with modified external design

At customer's request, GRW manufactures single- or double-row bearings with spherical outer ring or groove in the outer ring. Optionally, bearings are available with overmolded synthetic or rubber, or with displaced pitched circle diameter (to optimize the stiffness of the bearings rings in their fit on the shaft or in the housing).

Bearings with integrated shaft

Bearing and shaft do not necessarily have to be considered separately: The GRW product range comprises bearings with integrated shaft. The raceway is ground on the shaft. The shaft is delivered fully mounted with ball set, retainer, and outer ring.

Bearings with housing

For these types, the raceway of the outer ring is ground in the housing. Complex housings with flange and thread keep the tolerances during installation to a minimum.

Rotation symmetrical, highly precise turned and ground parts

GRW manufactures bushes and rotation symmetrical turned and ground parts with thread, step, groove, bore, etc. with tolerances in the µ range.