For improved tribological conditions and extended longer service life!

Originally developed for extreme conditions in handpieces of medical and dental equipment and however excellently suitable for any other application, we offer our customers special ball bearings with the new coating system XTRAcoat.

The coating developed exclusively for GRW equips the ball bearing components with the special capability to bind the applied grease to surfaces, and therefore to prevent as far as possible an insufficient lubrication situation from occurring, even under adverse operating conditions.

Which leads to a significantly higher service life, even in extreme cases where hygienic cleaning is done and maintenance is omitted.

Validating the effect of XTRAcoat at a contact angle measurement with dental maintenance oil, can be clearly seen that the contact angle falls below 5° using XTRAcoat.


Contact angle: 24,2°
(material: X65Cr13; 1.4037)


Contact angle: 4,9°
(material: X65Cr13; 1.4037)

Facts about GRW XTRAcoat:

  • It is possible to completely wet ring or ball surfaces with minimum oil quantities.
  • Less oil escapes from the ball bearing to the environment.
  • The oil adheres better to the surfaces, consequently starved lubrication is avoided or delayed.
  • Bearing life is prolonged.