Aerospace technology

GRW: lubricants according to MIL specification

At an altitude of 10 km: Airbus A380 and Boeing 747.
At an altitude of 350 km:
The international Space Station ISS.
At least 56 m km away: Mars.
And in use everywhere: Bearings from GRW.

Our bearings can be found in navigation instruments, electromotor-operated control units, climate control systems, air circulation systems, pressure regulation or measurement and control systems, in the fuel supply and cargo areas of aircraft and in the supply centres on the ground. GRW bearings are installed in antennas and solar sail systems, as well as in the switching elements of satellites. Among other things, our high-precision bearings were used in the drive modules of the NASA Mars expeditions in 1997 and 2003. Unique experiences.

Running smoothly
We use over 300 lubricants for temperatures ranging from -270°C to + 450°C, including lubricants according to MIL specification. Impregnated cages represent another option. We use vacuum-compatible lubricants with low outgassing rates for bearing solutions with very low friction moments. In addition, we offer a wide range of solid lubricants and coatings for borderline areas.

Working reliably
Highly sensitive automatic noise testing equipment and friction torque testers (e.g. for MIL-STD 206B) are available for functional testing. If desired, we can test and document the pre tension of paired bearings using the 'broken curve' method.

Make a wish
And if that were not enough? GRW is continuing to evolve - the latest materials and measurement methods are tested, random sampled and used in close cooperation with our customers. Solutions are offered even for those applications where traditional bearings are near to their limits.

Just like on Mars.

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