Drive and industrial engineering

GRW: precision bearings for each application.

Our industrialized society would be impossible to imagine without motors, pumps, fans, gears and machines of all kinds. In use everywhere: GRW ball bearings.

GRW bearings can be found in the electric motors and gearboxes that are used as drive systems in every sector of industry. Pumps for gases and liquid media run on GRW ball bearings. Fans for mainframe computers and cooling systems, pick-and-place machines, multiple spindle drilling heads, automatic tool holders or compressed air tools run on GRW ball bearings. The GRW product range is rounded off by linear guides.

Our customers come from many very different fields. Automotive industry suppliers, printing press manufacturers and machine tool manufacturers rely on GRW, as do office machine specialists, or customers from the packaging and food processing industries.

Wide range of products
GRW has a wide product range and a huge variety of versions. This diversity not only covers different features and designs, but also the materials involved.

Three basic materials are available
Chromium steel 100Cr6, as well as X65Cr13 and X30CrMoN15-1 stainless martensitic roller bearing steels. In addition, various kinds of coverings and sealing types of stainless steel, Teflon-coated fabrics, reinforced rubbers and fluoroelastomers are available, as are cage variants made of sheet steel and a number of very different high performance plastics.

Should one of our 300 lubricants not be appropriate, we can also find samples of a suitable lubricant - with the help of our competent suppliers - and deliver it in order to solve demanding tasks. In borderline cases, solid lubrications or coatings may prove the ideal solution.

GRW ball bearings are assembled in a cleanroom, noise tested with highly sensitive equipment, and then packed. This way, the best combination of function and very long service life can be ensured.

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