Medical technology

GRW: high speed bearings for medical technology, medical
instruments, pharmaceutical, surgical and dental instruments.

Directly or indirectly, more than one-third of GRW's production finds its way into medical products. All over the world, leaders in medical and dental technology are relying on the performance of GRW ball bearings - and newcomers are taking advantage of our expertise for their own innovations.

Medical technology

The demands on medical technology are enormous: The highest possible speeds with low noise and a long service life, combined with resistance to typical hygiene treatments and aggressive media – these are just a few of the challenges arising from general medical technology, analysis, pharmacy, surgery or dental medicine.

GRW uses high corrosion resistance stainless steel, ceramic materials, and high-performance plastics (that are resistant to chemicals, temperature and wear) to satisfy these demanding customers.

The basis for our success in the medical sector is, on the one hand, continuous research into cage materials, lubricants and alternative approaches, and on the other hand, our flexibility in relation to the special requirements of functional integration, the available construction space, speed capability, and the generation of sound and heat.

Dentistry and dental technology
Noise characteristics and service life are decisive criteria for GRW high-speed bearings, which are used in turbine hand-pieces for dental applications. These are investigated in our test stations and developed further. In addition, development projects are being conducted all the time with partners from industry and science.

GRW high-speed bearings have passed product sampling inspections and series releases at all well-known European dental manufacturers - not only for use in turbine hand-pieces, but also for straight and angular hand-pieces in dental and minor surgery applications, as well as for their electric or pneumatic drive motors.

Dental technicians are delighted with the extended life of our GRW products, thanks to intelligent sealing systems that generate less heat. This way, even working for longer period remains agreeable, due to the fact that the entire system is only heated moderately.

Surgeons require precision. This applies to the hand-pieces used and the corresponding attachments, as well as for the fixing devices (tripods or hexapods) for surgery on the patient's head, such as during eye or brain operations.

GRW products ensure backlash-free and highly accurate bearings. They allow thermal disinfection, and they do not need to be re-lubricated - and all this with reduced friction and warming and in the tightest available space. GRW supplies high-precision ball bearings and corresponding needle rollers made of special materials and cage assemblies, as well as high-precision spring washers. If necessary, we revise the fundamental bearing concepts from scratch and use the latest production technologies.

GRW bearings are used in micro blood-pumps, which ensure a stabilisation of the vital functions during heart surgery. These micro blood pumps are much less demanding on the patient than conventional heart-lung machines. Surgery patients and accident victims are ventilated externally on stationary and mobile respirators; naturally enough, the GRW products inside are resistant to oxidation.

In the pharmaceutical and medical sectors, we have already successfully solved some long-standing customer problems: through linear guides and end bearings for analysis units, through the integration of functional principles such as the flexible engagement, by using chemically resistant seals, and by increasing the bearing load capacity.

  • The benefits for our customers:
  • Superb product quality
  • A competitive price-performance ratio
  • Flexible approaches to solving problems
  • Competent service
  • An excellent reputation

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