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Small, smaller, smallest.

Our ball bearings also withstand the lowest temperatures.

Our ball bearings withstand extreme corrosive environments.

Resistant to salt water? Absolutely!

Blood is an extremely corrosive medium. Our ball bearings survive this medium!

The Challenge of sterilization? Mastered!

Resistant against radiation? Positively!

Our ball bearings run the highest speeds!

Our ball bearings compensate for vibrations.

GRW in Outer Space.

Experience + Responsibility + Relibility = Customer Satisfaction


Deep Groove Ball Bearings

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Special Ball Bearings

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Spindle Ball Bearings

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Ball Bearings for model building

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Duplex Bearings

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Profiled Rollers

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Axial Deep Groove Ball Bearings

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Bearing units

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We fly at higher game – GRW develops and produces high-precise miniature ball bearings for the aerospace industry. – We offer customized solutions for applications where standard bearings reach their limits.

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Vacuum Technology

Whether they are used in ultra-high vacuum (UHV) or experience extreme acceleration from 0 auf 60.000 min-1 within fractions of a second – GRW ball bearings master such challenges

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Measuring and Control Technology

It can’t be done without – in aviation and seafaring, in anemometers and wind direction indicators or in gas and flow meters: - High-precise measuring instruments equipped which GRW ball bearings reliably collect and process all necessary data.

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GRW Bearing Robot (BeBot)

Discover the world of the GRW BeBot and rescue a space station!
Here you can easily download the game or just start playing online!






GRW has an international delivery network with about 40 trade partners.

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