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Discover the USPs
of GRW
and services

What turns a good company into an excellent one is its unique selling proposition (USP). With this in mind, we constantly work on strengthening the USPs that differentiates GRW business from its competition. GRW has been providing customers with specialized, high precision ball bearings for more than 75 years. Our service includes not only manufacturing solid and reliable products. Depending on our clients’ needs, we furthermore develop strategies to tackle unprecedented challenges. GRW ball bearings thus stand out due to the following characteristics:

  • ability to perform under extreme temperatures ranging from –454 °F (-270 °C) to 842 °F (450 °C) which operate e.g. in space applications

  • maximum precision at miniature sizes to conduct drillings smaller than 0.04 inch and operate e.g. in blood pumps

  • long-lasting resistance against aggressive substances such as salt, sterilizers, and acid

Our standard catalogue consists of over 27,000 different products – each of them equipped with the unique GRW USPs. Based on these standard product types, we are able to offer millions of possible product variations. Nevertheless the ideal melting point of our long-term experience and in-depth expertise is the special requirement of our customers to receive individual, high-precision ball bearing solutions for their most challenging and outstanding applications. This is where we have the perfect match between customers’ needs and GRW’s USP’s.


The Facts and Figures
that Distinguish GRW

Based in five countries and serving customers on five continents – over the past 75 years, GRW has evolved into a true global player. We develop specialized, high-precision ball bearings and solutions for a wide range of business partners across several industries. Our sustainable company growth is reflected in the following facts and figures:

  • German headquarters:

    In Rimpar near Wuerzburg, Germany, our executive directors are managing our company’s worldwide development.
  • Production sites:

    Beside manufacturing at our Rimpar site, our assembly takes place at our Prachatice site in the Czech Republic.
  • Sales & distribution offices:

    GRW sales managers are located all around the globe. In addition to Germany and the UK, we have offices in the United States and Singapore for the APAC region.
  • Company foundation:

    The success of Gebrüder Reinfurt began in Wuerzburg in the year of 1942. Ever since, GRW has continuously expanded its business and gained a renowned reputation for specialized, high precision ball bearings around the globe.
  • Staff:

    About 600 employees manufacture our special bearing solutions and hence implement the company policy of GRW. In order to produce our custom-made innovations, we rely on their experience, their know-how combined with the latest technology and state-of-the-art lean management.
  • Client base:

    The corporate facts and figures of the GRW business are impressive: Day by day, more than 1,000 customers - leading OEM’s and distributors - place their trust in our products & services.
  • Batch Sizes:

    Ball bearings by GRW are manufactured in batches ranging from ten to one million pieces.
  • Variations:

    Beyond our standard product lines, our company offers millions of possible product variants. We are happy to create new ball bearing solutions inspired by your specific interests.

Want to learn more about the company‘s achievements and annual turnovers? Then take a look at the most important facts and figures of GRW in these charts:


Management of GRW:
How We Stay Ahead
of the Game

Under the umbrella of the KAMAN Corporation, GRW manufactures custom-made, high precision ball bearings for customers all over the world. The company’s headquarter is located in Rimpar, Germany. At this location, the experienced GRW executive team manages all transactions and processes across five different continents.

First-Rate Management Leading to First-Rate Results

In accordance with GRW company policy, we aim to maintain high-quality standards while keeping time and cost expenditures as low as possible.


This basic principle informs all of our business ventures - from preliminary planning to actual performance and routine inspections. Throughout all processes, we follow a lean management approach that renders our business efficient and flexible at the same time. Our executives constantly work on identifying untapped potential and optimizing current strategies. In this respect, each new project presents an opportunity to extend and refine our capacities even further.

Customer-service is important to us

To satisfy our customers to 100 percent, determining our clients’ requirements is the main job of the GRW-management. Working in a customer-oriented way is one of our most important guidelines. Of course, not only our clients’ concerns are in our main focus, but our management also is also responsible for different environment-related, bureaucratic and legal assignments.


Meet the CEO of GRW
In February of 2015, Michael Wilhelm joined GRW at the executive level. His international expertise with respect to leadership, business development, capital markets and general management has advanced the company on a global scale. As an affiliate of the KAMAN Corporation, GRW continues to fulfil its essential mission: Developing and manufacturing high-precision ball bearings for their global customer base.


Our Company History at GRW: From the Founding Days up until Today

At GRW we look back on more than 75 years of company history. Our company represents long-term experience, know-how and constant innovation in the area of ball bearings and ball bearing solutions. Since our founding days, we are constantly enhancing our products and keep a firm eye on our GRW mission: To be perceived as the worldwide leading expert in the field of customized, high precision ball bearings. This major target is a firm part of the company’s history and drives each of our employees during their daily work.

From the Very Beginning to Our Anniversary: The GRW Company History

The company Gebrüder Reinfurt was founded 1942 in Wuerzburg, a city in northern Bavaria. In 1958, our founders decided to build our factory in Rimpar. Since then, Rimpar has served as our main production site and became GRW’s official headquarters in 2009. During the years, GRW has extended the factory; production halls and clean rooms were built. Within the company history, GRW has gained new locations and sale offices, for example in the Czech Republic, in the UK and in the United States. As a subsidiary company, we belong to the Kaman Corporation since 2015 and benefit from sharing know-how, realizing synergies and developing mutual strategies in our global markets.

Founding in Wuerzburg
Purchase and installment of the factory in Rimpar
Opening of first clean room for the assembly of ball bearings in Rimpar
Extension of our location in Rimpar
Start of first assembly lines in our factory in Prachatice/CZ
New construction of an assembly hall in Rimpar
Founding of GRW US in Utah
Acquisition of GRW by Equity Fund NIBC
Relocation of administration and sales offices to the new headquarters in Rimpar
Final completion of the new assembly hall in Prachatice/CZ
Relocation of GRW US headquarters to Richmond/Virginia
Acquisition of GRW by Kaman Corporation
Relocation of GRW US to the Kaman headquarters in Bloomfield/USA
Expansion of the assembly hall in Prachatice/CZ // Founding of a new sales company in Singapore
Establishing of a new sales office in UK
German bAV-Award for the new GRW company pension scheme