• Machine tools and spindles
  • E-motors
  • Pumps, gears and ventilators
  • Drive technology
  • Vacuum technology
  • Measurement- and control-technology
  • Robotics and automation
  • Power tools


Indispensable Technology for the Industry

Especially in high-precision robotics, modern electrical engines, and other highly-efficient machinery our ball bearing solutions are indispensable. We at GRW design and manufacture ball bearings that are adjusted to the individual needs of our customer. We help you to find the optimal customized solution for all needs.

Customized Solutions – The Perfect Ball Bearing for Each and Every Use

From axial to radial load-impact, ball bearings have many different types of usage. Here at GRW, you will find various strong ball bearing solutions fitted to your individual needs. In our product range, you will find:

  • ball bearings for extreme temperatures
  • high-speed bearings
  • corrosion-resistant ball bearings
  • ball bearings with dry lubrication

Do you have further questions to our ball bearings and their different applications? Then feel free to contact us at any time. We are looking forward to your message!



Ball Bearings for Tool Machines and Spindles Achieve Great Things

Our ball bearing solutions for the industry also make an appearance in various tools and spindles. These small multi-talents help the following machines keep running:

  • Turning machines
  • Milling machines
  • Grinders
  • Presses

At GRW we develop ball bearings precisely and meticulously to enable an extra long durability. Of course, we take your individual needs and wishes into consideration in order to offer you the best-possible solution that matches your standards without compromises.

Ball Bearings Made by GRW Keep Electronic Motors Running

Are you looking for a fitted ball bearing solution for your electronic engines? E-motors are supposed to run smoothly, noise-less and with low energy consumption – these requirements set high standards to ball bearings for the industry. We at GRW have developed specific bearing solutions that reduce noise and can take on high speed. Additionally, our focus on high-precision ball bearings helps to make the electric engines on the market as efficient as possible.

Versatile Little Helpers: Ball Bearings for Industrial Drive Technology

Whether in pumps, gears or ventilators – GRW ball bearings are installed in all kinds of drive technology. Without these little helpers, these machines wouldn’t be able to be executed for the precise and effect work expected of them. Our ball bearings make their appearance in various technologies in industrial engineering, such as:

  • In ventilators for cooling systems
  • In multi-spindle drilling heads
  • In pneumatic tools
  • In pick-and-place assembly stations
  • In automatic tool holders

Ball Bearings Made by GRW: Precise Solutions for Vacuum Technology

Searching for industrial ball bearings that can work under conditions such as a vacuum? Conventional lubricants often encounter their limits in these surroundings. At GRW, we have developed particular lubricants for extreme environmental conditions. With these specialized lubricants, our ball bearings can work as intended within a vacuum environment. The following materials are used as coatings for applications in an ultra-high vacuum range:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • MoS2
  • Teflon
  • Hard coatings

These materials are applied with different techniques:

  • Pounded into the surface
  • Galvanically applied
  • Sprayed onto the surface
  • Coated in vacuum chambers

Ball Bearings for Control and Measurement Technology for Your Individual Standards

Whether off-shore in the freezing cold of Scandinavian winters, or in the desert heat: Measuring instruments are needed to collect and process data reliably and correctly. At GRW, we manufacture ball bearings for different kinds of control and measurement technologies. Each bearing is specifically attuned to the instruments’ requirements. These little helpers work in tools such as:

  • Rotary encoder
  • Linear measuring systems
  • Gas meters
  • Flow meters
  • Wind direction and speed sensors
  • General construction lasers
  • Mass spectrometers
  • Scale bearings

Our Ball Bearings Enable Automation

Automation is an important keyword for future technology. Self-steering and self-regulating machines and plants are on the rise – even today, they work on their own with minimal supervision. To enable a flawless operation, GRW can offer the perfect ball bearing solution for your industrial needs – especially in autonomous applications. Discover high-precision solutions for each and every technology.

Ball Bearings for Robotics Are Extremely Precise

Robotics are on the forefront of many industries: In some areas, they are already indispensable. To perform all movements dynamically, our little ball bearing helpers are needed: High-precision ball bearings made by GRW for robotics. They enable robots to perform the specific movement patterns needed in automation!

Automotive Ball Bearings? Drive Safely with GRW!

Another application for our ball bearings is the automotive industry. Our customized ball bearing solutions keep cars, motorcycles and trucks running. Important properties of these applications are quality, precision and durability. Additionally to our standard products, we offer you flexible solutions for your individual application in automotive. Our experts will support you with their know-how to provide you with the best options.

Precise Ball Bearings for Power Tools

A precise cut backed by immense power? No problem. GRW’s ball bearings help electric tools and pneumatic devices such as drill chucks work efficiently. High speed, power and precision are the key aspects of processing industrial material like wood, stone or metal. These applications demand high load capacities from durable ball bearings. Of course, our solutions are up for the challenge and will rise to the occasion!

High Standards for Ball Bearings in Pharmaceutics and Food Industry

Ball bearings that work in pharmaceutics or in the food industry have to endure cleaning processes such as high-pressure cleaning, steam jets and aggressive chemical solutions. These applications require bearings with high durability steel, retainers, closures and lubrications. At GRW we have developed ball bearings for pharmaceutics and food industries which can withstand all these procedures easily. Selected lubrications, special wave washers and high-quality materials for our bearings guarantee a long life span – even under harsh conditions.

Reliable Ball Bearings for the Packaging Industry

In packaging machines and filling lines, GRW ball bearings guarantee flawless working processes. They meet the requirements in each application ranging from hygiene standards to permanent corrosion-protection. Efficiency is another big factor in packaging. Even in round-the-clock operation, our high-quality ball bearings run smoothly.


You are looking for further information all around our products? Simply address our experts for ball bearings. They are happy to help you with questions concerning our ball bearings. Our engineering-team will gladly answer your technical questions regarding our ball bearings and the application of our products as quick as possible.