Laboratory Service at GRW

Need to analyze certain materials and don’t have a laboratory right at your hand? Do you need a specific surface coating and lack the necessary know-how to make it happen?


At GRW we don’t just specialize in
ball bearings, we also offer laboratory services for our customers.

We are here to support you and can help with challenging tasks such as FTIR-spectroscopy analysis with ATR-technology, or applying both functional and decorative gold plating of components. Our lab team is up for the challenge and looks forward to helping you with various analysis techniques.

Our in-house laboratory provides the following laboratory services:

Basic analysis:

  • Ph-value analysis
  • Determining acid concentrations
  • Determining oil and preservation shares
  • Analysis of evaporation residue
  • Nitrite content determination

Lubrication analysis with safeguard provision:

  • Dissolve and filtrate
  • Examine samples for failure analysis under a microscope
  • Passivation of high-alloyed steels
  • FTIR analysis to determine the condition of an oil or grease

Surface finish and treatment:

  • Gold plating
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Hot and cold burnishing
  • Passivation of high-alloyed steels

Medical hygiene treatments:

  • hot steam sterilization
  • thermal disinfection

Assessment of corrosion resistance of different types of steels:

  • salt spray test according to DIN EN ISO 9227
  • humidity test according to DIN EN ISO 6270

Chemical deburring:

  • deburring of natural fiber reinforced plastics

Additional Laboratory Services Are Possible

As a partner in a laboratory network, we at GRW can offer you additional services that exceed our own specter of tools:

  • analysis via scanning electron microscope and energy-dispersive x-ray spectroscopy
  • x-ray fluorescence analysis
  • detail analysis with help of differential scanning calorimetry
  • thermogravimetry
  • structural examination of steels


You are looking for further information? Simply address our experts. They are happy to help you with questions concerning our ball bearings. Our engineering-team will gladly answer your technical questions regarding our ball bearings and the application of our products as quick as possible.