Big Innovations in the Small
World of Ball Bearings:
New Products at GRW

  • Design Features (Q21irac®, Q21speed® und Q21twin®)
  • Material Features (XTRAlube, XTRAlon)
  • Future projects


GRW: Profit from High Performance with the new Q21-Ball bearings

Instruments, such as dental hand pieces set highest requirements towards the installed ball bearings. They must withstand high rotational speed and must be extremely resilient. In addition to this, they are supposed to be as quiet as possible, to assure an enjoyable treatment for the patient. We from GRW have developed our new Q21-ball bearings with special materials and innovative designs, which are convincing with their top-performance, even under difficult circumstances: Q21irac®, Q21speed® und Q21twin®.

Q21irac®: Innovative Deep Groove Ball Bearings prevent early wear

If standard deep groove ball bearings are working in tilting conditions, they are confronted with extreme constraining forces - and this can lead to an early bearing failure. But with its innovative Q21-features, GRW has developed special ball bearings, that set an ideal measurement, even despite of a tilting of the rotor shaft of the inner and outer ring. With the new deep groove ball bearings Q21irac®, the set of balls moves nearly on an elliptical path, just like with a untilted bearing. Due to this, our GRW Q21-ball bearings are extremely quiet and do not wear off at an early stage. This is why you will profit from a significantly higher lifespan, compared to conventional radial deep groove ball bearings.

Q21speed®: Innovative Design creates a Performance Increase

For deep groove ball bearings, which are utilized in high speed applications, GRW has developed the feature Q21speed® - a new retaining cage design. This reaches a significant increase in performance regarding running friction and dynamic behavior. In addition, our patented ball-bag-design guarantees a lifespan increase and it runs very quietly. With this innovative Q21-feature, we can equip both snap cages in radial deep groove ball bearings and window cages in angular contact ball bearings.

Q21twin®: Patented Cage Design for low ware and longer lifespan

With Q21twin®, GRW has developed a new cage design, which combines the advantages of window cages und two-part cages made of sheet steel – so called steel tab cages. With this innovative technology, both cage halves are combined form-fittingly into one window-cage within one radial deep groove ball bearing. This new solution creates a noticeable increase in performance. Thanks to this combination, axial compensation is possible, even if the ball bearing is tilted. In addition, the GRW Q21-feature helps that external forces are intercepted on the cage. These positive characteristics reduce the ware within the ball bearing und create a longer lifespan of the application.


Download the whitepaper for the new Q21 ball bearings here.


Ball Bearing Application in Extreme Conditions with Our GRW XTRA Material Features

In challenging environments like that of the human body, sandy deserts, on Mars, or even in the ice-cold vacuum of outer space – our ball bearings and ball bearing units are used under extreme conditions. Hot or aggressive applications in processing technologies or high temperatures in high-speed jet engines are also no problem for our ball bearings. We at GRW have developed special XTRA-materials to equip our products for any extreme challenge.

Profit from the Following Benefits of Our Ball Bearings with GRW XTRA-Materials

The purpose of our XTRA-material components is not to re-invent the ball bearing, but to optimize it by: Improved performance

  • Reducing friction
  • Increasing speeds
  • Minimalizing running noises
  • Extending the lifetime as well as service intervals

We make our ball bearings fit to your individual wishes and needs – to provide you with an outcome that will exceed your expectations. Our XTRA-material features are guaranteed to increase your performance sustainably.

Ball Bearings with the XTRA-Effect

Our customers’ happiness is very important to us. Therefore, we work together with you during the development and manufacturing stages to find the best-possible ball bearing solution for your needs. With our GRW XTRA-components, we have already been able to increase performances of applications significantly. We test parameters like running noises, lifetime and speeds on our own test equipment. With the continuous development of our XTRA-effect, we optimize our ball bearing solutions.

Profit from Our XTRA-Performance

XTRAIon – Our patented cage material

We have developed a premium material that enables applications in high-performance sectors. With our unique manufacturing methods, this exciting XTRA-material is produced as follows: A dry lubrication bonded chemically to the base polymer polyamidimide (PAI). This combination builds a homogenous structure that offers almost no surface contact during autoclaving. This creates following benefits:

  • Incredible tolerance of high temperatures
  • Minimized friction and wear
  • Extended lifetime

Additionally, thanks to the chemical bond, the material offers outstanding characteristics when it comes to dry runs – even during extreme applications with speeds up to n x dm > 1,000,000 mm/min. Internally, we have observed lifetime test results up to 20 hours during absolute dry runs. Standard housing materials fail in such tests only after a few minutes.

XTRAlube – Lubrication for High-Speed Applications

In all high-speed applications, we count on our own grease production: XTRAlube. This XTRA-lubrication by GRW stands out with the following characteristics:

  • Minimized loss of lubricant
  • Extension of lifetime
  • Better adhesion of the lubrication to contact surfaces

These characteristics are especially useful for example in ball bearings for dental devices. The outgoing air of the turbine streams partly through the ball bearings and causes the grease to escape. In these applications, lubrication is transported out of the ball bearing rather quickly. Consequently, there will be damage from this loss of lubrication and the ball bearing will fail. With our durable XTRA-lubrication by GRW, lubrication is guaranteed to stay in the bearing!


GRW Future Projects: An Inside Look

Our GRW team in research and development is already working on topics for the future. We are constantly developing our material portfolio for bearing rings, cages, lubricants and coatings. In addition, we also deal with the associated production technologies. This means that the XTRA series is also an important GRW project for the future, as we will consistently expand it.


The focus on GRW’s future projects lies clearly on reaching the best performance within the applications. In this process, we are constantly shifting the performance limit to the top. This can only work with truly innovative ideas and new technology.

Of course, new design-ideas and bearing designs are not cut short. This is the only way how we can adjust our roller bearings and bearing units ideally to their individual application case and offer you the advantages in your system construction.

Fitting Our Products for the Future

We make sustainable use of the opportunities of the Industry 4.0 age to make GRW's future projects and our product portfolio fit for the future. In doing so, we will consider the complete life cycle as well as the entire value chain of our bearings and special products. Because our goal is to make it easier for you to use our products in your application in all life cycle stages:

  • System design
  • Simulation
  • Testing
  • Logistics
  • Field application

This way, we enable our company’s solutions to fit perfectly into your digital world and workflows.


You are looking for further information? Simply address our experts. They are happy to help you with questions concerning our ball bearings. Our engineering-team will gladly answer your technical questions regarding our ball bearings and the application of our products as quick as possible.