Testing Technology
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  • Dental Test Bench Orakel


Test Your Dental Devices Under Real Working Conditions With the Dental Test Bench by GRW

We know that it is important to our customers that we provide high quality products that will endure everyday working conditions. We can put your mind at ease; at GRW we have designed a precise testing technology: The dental bench test. This test is completely autonomous, and needs no extra personal or long-term setups. The GRW dental bench test compares developmental stages in a quick and efficient way with a previously determined reference. Would you like to evaluate the mechanical stress cycle or other test criteria? No problem; calibration, selecting test parameters and final documentation are performed by it’s software. All the testing is self-sufficient.

What Does the GRW Dental Test Bench Do?

One part of our dental test bench is an adjusting aid. This tool allows uniform test procedures to be exactly reproduced. The pneumatic load unit runs smoothly and limits the load to the tested dental device between 0,1 to 6 N to an accuracy of +/- 0,1 N. The load unit can easily be calibrated via the force sensor. In order to test many different devices used in dentistry, the instrument mounts can be rotated in all directions. Speeds between 20,000 and 600,000 min-1 are recorded precisely by our unique magnetic speed sensor for very exact results!

The Minimum Requirements of Your Hardware

  1. A standard laptop or PC
  2. Minimum: 1GB RAM
  3. Windows 10
  4. A screen with minimum 1280x1024 pixel
  5. One USB 2.0 port to plug in the test module
  6. One USB 2.0 port to plug in the load sensor

Profit From the Following Advantages:

  • Self-efficient test technology:
    The dental test rig allows for up to 10,000 testing cycles without interruptions or support from your staff.
  • Repeatable test sequences:
    With the GRW testing device, you are performing constant and reproducible tests.
  • Low operating expenses:
    In order to use the bench test correctly, you only need a power connection and clean pressurized air.
  • Extendable testing capacity:
    Add further modules easily and increase your testing capacity.
  • Simple documentation:
    Get your data in text files.
  • Controlling on a commercial computer:
    Operate up to ten modules with a commercial computer.