Performance in highest quality.

GRW products, as proved by the numerous accolades received from well-known customers, have always satisfied the world's highest quality requirements. Naturally enough, we are confident that our customers will gain a great deal of confidence in us over the course of our long-term business relationships. At the same time, we are doing everything to ensure maximum possible reliability for our customers and future business partners: though a modern and proven functional quality management system based on EN 9100:2018. In order to ensure the same quality requirements across all boundaries, we have had our quality management system assessed and certified by independent, internationally recognized institutions:

We achieve a high quality of products and services at low cost through the faultless and economical conception of all operational processes, not only in production, but in every other area of company activity. Our engineers develop ball bearings and complete assemblies for high demanding applications such as medical and dental technology, vacuum and aerospace applications. All our products, whether high precision or standard ball bearings, have been manufactured millions of times on the same high-precision production equipment. If you are looking for an answer to your ball bearing needs, ask us. We are there to help you - all over the world!